Saturday, September 10, 2011

Things I Want

It's time to take a little break from...oh, what the heck? This is my blog and I'll post what I want to. The following list is inspired by a conversation on relationships I attended at an artists' retreat over Labor Day weekend. The following is also pretty straightforward, so if it freaks you out, just blame the conversation and move along. :)

Things I Want:

I want to be married.
To a man who loves Jesus.
And knows how to love a woman.
Or will at least admit that he has the desire to continue learning how.
I want to marry a man who loves animals and enjoys having them around.
But will kill the bugs.
A man who isn't afraid to be the man.
I want to marry someone who is an adventurous eater.
Or is at least brave enough to try any of my culinary experiments.
And might be extra-brave enough to actually cook with me.
And will know how to let me down gently if the experiment fails.
I want to marry a man who loves being around other people.
But also enjoys a quiet night in, reading or snuggling up with a good movie.
Or wouldn't mind putting up a tent and building a campfire for the weekend.
I want to marry a man who will absolutely listen to me.
But will also tell me stories. I love stories...real and fiction.
I want to marry a man who wants to see the world.
And won't mind it if I spend hours listening to others' stories while we're seeing the world.
A man who will especially be an adventurous eater as we see the world.
I want to marry a man who will consider the option of kids.
But not right away because
I want to have an incredibly strong marriage that can be a model for our future children to build their love relationships on.
I want to marry a man who will support me, emotionally, if I want to work or if I don't.
Or maybe if I want to take classes.
So I can be a better wife, and partner, to and for him.
I want to marry a man who wants to own a house.
That he wouldn't mind putting a little work into.
Alongside me.
And I really think that's the point of all of this...
I want to be married.
To man who will live life alongside me.

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